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New EMiR Web Site

22/10/15 EMiR Team Launch New Website - Press Release

A company’s web site is clearly a starting place for new prospects to get a feel for the business and when you are in the technology industry, the first few pages your potential client sees is a key milestone to building strong relationships.  ‘You never get a second chance, to make a first impression!’ 

“The design and the content of a web site can quickly become dated and fail to give users what they really need – a good feeling about the business and information they really want.” explains Gary Downes, Director of software authors, EMiR. 

Gary adds. “This time around we wanted to design something that was aligned to the brand, even easier to use and offered each visitor specifically something for them.”

The new web site accommodates mobile compatibility so that information can be viewed from any device, wherever you happen to be.  It uses video in the public facing areas of the site to highlight over 20 years of heritage and internally offering existing clients the opportunity to learn about new features and technology from a secure client area as soon as the product is updated.

Linked to EMiR social media activity and news posts, all visitors in the electro-mechanical industry will benefit from regular industry and trade association updates.  www.emirsoftware.com/news
Existing EMiR users should contact 0845 009 4588 or email info@solutionsinit.com for access codes to the client area of the site, new content is being added daily.

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