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New Product: Smart Site

01/05/15 EMiR set to launch Smart Site – the mobile engineering software solution

The 9th of June sees the annual EMiR Open Day, a showcase for new development and innovations in the UK’s leading business management solution for the electro-mechanical industry.  Making it’s debut is the EMiR extension developed specifically for the Apple IOS and Android operating systems, Smart Site.

“As a modular solution it was a simple progression to take the functionality of EMiR out to where engineers could use it more effectively - on-site!” 
Gary Downes, the company’s Managing Director comments on EMiR Smart Site, an Apple iOS and Android Application being launched on the 9th of June at the “EMiR Open Day” at Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United F.C. 

“This is not the first mobile application we have developed, but it is the first that we have designed to work with iPhones, iPads and Android handsets and does not require internet connectivity at the time of use.  The premise of capturing pictures and job information whilst on site means that EMiR is instantly updated with out the need for extra administration. Work schedules are no longer paper based, all of the data recorded about the job, spare parts, time and photographs are attached to the history during the engineers visit and jobs can be invoiced immediately on completion with a customer signature and signoff.  When you begin to realise the benefits of this type of data capture and integration, the stress of managing site work is dramatically reduced.”

EMiR Smart Site
users will realise the benefits of:

  • Online ‘live’ and offline working  – no matter how remote your engineers, they will always be able to use the application and then sync data when next online.
  • A simple to use interface that relays the key information on the job and its completion – simple to use with little or no training burden.
  • Images taken on the mobile device are automatically attached and saved to the EMiR job record – there are no complex download procedures
  • Working on IOS and Android means that Smart Site users have a choice as to the size and functionality of the handheld device they choose to use
  • The reduction of paperwork will appeal to engineers and business owners alike and the capture of information at source means that information is available in a timely manner and completed whilst the task is being done.

The EMiR Smart Site application will be available shortly after its preview and release on the 9th of June.   Electro-mechanical companies looking to improve their internal processing with EMiR Smart Site should contact the EMiR sales team on 0845 009 4588 or by emailing info@solutionsinit.com.

Information on the EMiR Open day can be found at http://www.solutionsinit.com/news/emir-open-day-june-2015

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