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Selfie Competition

01/04/15 EMiR Selfie of the Year Competition – The Winners!!

The competition for Selfie of the Year was fiercely contested and now we can announce the winners!
…and the good news is there are no losers…everyone that sent in their photos is taking away a prize.
Drum roll please………………

In the first category (EMiR Contacts)
• Dawn Stephenson of Pumps & Motors (£50)
• Mary Twisleton of W.H. Shoebridge (£50)

In the second category (Colleagues)
• Colin Dawes of Stardelta (£50)
• Erin Morgan of Cabel UK (£50)

£50 Compliments vouchers are winging their way in the post to you this week, check out the Compliments web site for a few ideas of what to spend them on.  (The link is below)

All the runners up will be receiving a Selfie Stick and Bluetooth remote (2015’s must have gadget), be the envy of your friends and colleagues and keep snapping.

  • Bradley Benjamin of WGM Engineering
  • Dave Rausi of Anstee & Ware
  • Liam Williams of Pumps & Motors
  • Paul Barnett of Dorlec
  • Scott Jones of WGM Engineering
  • Shaun Sutton of Central Group
  • Sally Eaton of Eaton Engineering

On a sad note, it was pointed out that Chance, the Eaton Engineering guard dog was unable to ‘Selfie’ as his paws couldn’t hold the phone (engineers are sticklers for the technical detail), a delicious doggie treat is on the way to him and Selfie Stick to his owner.
PS.  You may have missed out on the vouchers this time, but you could just as easily earn £250 worth of Compliments vouchers by recommending EMiR to your colleagues in other businesses.  Find the details on our web site at www.solutionsinit.com/rewards

Just like taking a selfie, its money for nothing!

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