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20/01/15 SKF Certified Rebuilders get EMiR Integration Boost

Jim Fowlie, the Global Manager of SKF Certified Programs explains “Creating an environment of best practice within a business is a complex layer of skills and procedures.  We recognise that robust infrastructure support software forms a major part of a successful solution and SKF are delighted to be working with EMiR to integrate our existing systems to their market-leading product.”

If you’ve had work done by an SKF Certified Repair Centre you’ll have realised that modern, mobile computing is already used to record all aspects of the work from audit procedures, to asset tracking and repair status, software applications that save time by reducing the paper trail.  This complements the EMiR platform, which is an integrated business software solution that sits at the heart of the repair business.   EMiR takes responsibility for the control of every internal operation creating a controlled and traceable working environment.

“The synergy between both companies is clear, software applications that complement each other and a shared customer base of forward thinking partners.  By creating a link where information can flow between applications, we can eliminate any duplication of work that takes place and importantly enhance the experience for the end user.”
  adds Gary Downes, Managing Director of Solutions in I.T. – the home of EMiR software.

Tim Osman
  - UK Certified Programme Manager will present new product and interfaces available at the quarterly Certified Rebuilder meetings taking place at SKF Luton (UK) LTD.

The SKF Certified Partner Programme delivers on its promises to promote best practice in the industry.   With strict audit procedures in place and the technology to support the structure and traceability of repair, the Certified Repair  Programme continues to grow attracting the world’s most competent businesses.
Jim Fowlie,


SKF UK Certified Partners currently include: Anstee and Ware, Fletcher Moorland, Mid-Kent Electrical, SPP Pumps, Team Rewinds, Wainwright and Gibson, Westin Drives, WGM Electrical Engineering.

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