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Thank you Knowlton & Newman

16 Years as a valued customer!


It’s not just about the software you choose, it is who you implement it with!

For a business system implementation to be successful, it not only takes great software, but a special relationship between the customer and the supplier.

We are delighted to have formed a great working relationship with Knowlton and Newman and this is evident in the many years we have worked together and they continue to make EMiR their system of choice.

Knowlton and Newman have expanded considerably through their time with EMiR. They now operate out of Kent, Portsmouth and Southampton. They switched from their own IT system to EMiR back in 2006 due to the extra functionality that EMiR provided with job management, quoting, and management of multi-site operations.

"We now have one system that allows us to manage our workload and measure the profitability of each site separately, as well as consolidated reporting for the company overall. EMiR has proved an excellent choice to help us manage our considerable expansion in recent times, and we have also found that the ability to customise EMiR has been extremely useful to help us meet any new business requirements quickly.” Rob Knowlton, Director, Knowlton & Newman

Knowlton & Newman have been providing industry in the South with a 24/7/365 response since 1973 and are equipped to provide a wide range of electro-mechanical services to minimise downtime for customers and drive down costs.

Knowlton & Newman are the go-to specialists for repair and replacement of electric motors, pumps and gearboxes with purpose-built workshop facilities & comprehensive mechanical and electrical on-site service capabilities, offering turnkey solutions. We operate from our sites in Southampton, Portsmouth, and Chatham, and are Powered by Rubix, benefitting from the support of an industry-leading parent company.

Rubix are Europe’s number one multi-specialist industrial supplies distributor and Knowlton & Newman can provide our customers with everything the Rubix UK portfolio has to offer, significantly enhancing our position as a leading specialist provider of electro-mechanical repair services to industry in the South.

The main industries served by Knowlton & Newman include Water, Marine, Pharmaceutical, Food, Aggregates, Power Generation, Petro-Chemical and the Ministry of Defence.

Please visit their web site for more information http://www.knowlton-newman.co.uk/

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