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Training & Installations Update!

Learn how training and installations are going ahead under lockdown from EMiR Trainer, Krystyna!

How Are We Running Training and Installations?

Since the beginning of the lockdown in March, due to restrictions on face to face contact, we’ve had to change the way we implement new systems. We have always provided online training to cover individual modules, new options added under the maintenance contract or to discuss specific queries and these sessions were usually one or two hours’ long. However, it was always assumed that implementing new systems and related meetings and training needed to be done on site.

We have found that the whole process can be done just as easily online, from the installation to the go live. It gives our customers (and us!) much greater flexibility in arranging bookings, with sessions that can last from one hour to even seven hours (with breaks!) per day, all depending on availability and specific circumstances. We can use various platforms to conduct online meetings where we share screens and video so as to make it feel like being in the same room.

What Our Customers Say

Here’s what Chris Long of Yilmaz UK had to say about our first ever remote EMiR installation!

“The process of implementing EMiR at Yilmaz UK Ltd has been entirely online. I am unable to compare the on-site against online method as I have never experienced the on-site training method, however, I’ve found the online process very easy and effective. 

The online method worked for us as we did not have to dedicate a full day each time training was required. We were able to book sessions which fitted around our daily work and this was key to the success of the training. This allowed us to fit in all EMiR related activity and move the process forward without much disruption to the running of our business. 

A special mention goes out to Krystyna Watson-Malinowska who has supported us superbly throughout the implementation process.”

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