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Smart Site FREE Trial

Three Simple Steps to Take Advantage of this Smart Site Special Offer

Step 1. Click this Link http://www.solutionsinit.com/virtual-tour/emir-modules-extensions/extensions/smart-site to view the video...

Step 2. Download Smart Site to your device

  • If you are viewing this page on your mobile device, click this link  https://ftp.emirsmartsite.co.uk to copy a FREE Trial of Smart Site onto your device
  • Or:
  • Go to your phone device explorer and enter https://ftp.emirsmartsite.co.uk
  • (You will be asked to choose Android or iOS, pick the appropriate one for your device)

Step 3: Follow the instructions on the back of the offer letter, entering your Server Id, Username and Password, etc.

We're sure you'll be delighted with Smart Site.  Call us on 0845 009 4588 to place your order or ask any questions.

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