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Using EMiR to secure business through process improvement

04.03.2021 How EMiR can transform your business post-covid.

The COVID pandemic has changed the way we communicate. With remote working and less time in face-to-face meetings, we have had to adapt the way that information moves from person to person. In the past, this is the same problem that small, close-knit companies have had when they begin to grow. The move from a single open plan office to separate departments means that the company can no longer rely on overhearing a conversation or hand-written notes, clear procedures have to be put in place.


A growing business can often be forgiven for using a number of software applications and paper forms to control the process, but the real answer is something far more sensible. A single software application where information is only entered once and is visible to everyone, no matter where they happen to be working.


Check out the short video below.


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