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Winding Details Database

If you require a way of storing Motor Winding details to create a comprehensive database of Winding information, then this is the software for you!

Standalone Software
Our Winding Details Database [WDD] software is provided as a ‘standalone’ program [you don’t have to have EMiR!] to allow you to record such details as found in the AEMT winding database, such as No. of Coils, Turns per Coil, Pitch, Connection, Leads, etc. and separate details for D.C. motors and Commutators, allowing you to store two configurations per motor [Configurations A and B].

You are also able to search via any and all of the winding characteristics, from Make, HP/KW, Volts, Amps, Hertz, Phase, Poles, RPM through to Core Id., Winding Type, Turns per Coil, etc. in order to be able to locate matching winding details and jobs that you have repaired previously. We’ve even thrown in 5 user-definable fields, [you can label them yourself!] so you have room to store any additional details that you can think of.

Advantages of using with EMiR.
If you do have EMiR, then there are even greater benefits to owning the software! You can easily and directly store the Winding Details against a current EMiR job for you to review, update and print, and these details are automatically added into the Winding database, at the click of a mouse, for fast retrieval by any of the winding characteristics, showing you both matching motors and previously matching jobs.

You can also search the Winding Database to find winding specifications for motors that have similar technical details [Manufacturer, Volts, Amps, Phase, Hertz and KW/HP ratings] to any job that you currently have in your system.

Having a database of Winding specifications, directly retrievable via use of EMiR, will save you lots of time over trying to find the hand-written documents, and will ensure you can safely ‘back-up’ the information electronically as part of the EMiR system.

In short, the Winding Details Database allows you to store all your Motor Winding details, and makes them available quickly via any method that you could want to find them!

Set yourself apart from the competition by having a fast access storage system for all your Winding Data, and by using this as part of an EMiR implementation, you will have the cost and time savings involved with tying Winding Data directly to jobs and being able to search from within EMiR to find matching winding specs for your work.

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