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The EMiR Basic System allows the user to create jobs, record costs along with details of work carried out, allows the user to process the job through to producing delivery notes and invoices, and keeps track of debtors and creditors.

Each job is booked in against the appropriate customer, who has a unique account code for identification purposes.

Each job is given its own 'Job Number' for traceability purposes, helping users to conform to ISO9000.

The system holds comprehensive details against each job, and extra fields can be added to suit individual requirements.


Standard details held include:
Make and Type/Description of machine
Client Details, Contact person and Order Info
Date Due, Job Priority and Department
Faceplate details of Pumps, Motors, etc.
Price and ‘Recommended Charge’ fields
Photo’s, Files, Notes and additional comments
Details of Materials, Labour and Work Done
Invoice and Delivery details


EMiR produces a job card for each job raised. Job cards can be customised to suit a required layout and, like Delivery Notes and Invoices, are designed to fit A4 blank or Company headed paper as standard.

EMiR allows the user to record all labour and material costs and charges, and also allows the user to enter the details of work that has been carried out against the job [and then this automatically appears on the invoice].

Comprehensive enquiry and reporting facilities are available to show a complete 'Job Costing' picture to ensure that you are charging the correct profitable amount for the work carried out.

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