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Financial Interface

The Financial Interface allows users not using the EMiR Finance Module to export sales invoices and credit notes from EMiR for use in other accounting products, such as Sage, TAS, etc


We understand your finance team may already have a preference for the type of accounting product that they use.  Often, years of trading in the same finance system and reliance on external accountants means that it may be more comfortable to remain with your existing accounting product, especially while EMiR is initially installed.

Transfer of Invoices and Credit Note information
The Financial Interface will help you automate the process of posting sales and purchase invoices and sales and purchase credit notes that have originated in the ledgers of your EMiR system.  This simple, yet effective process will ensure that you don’t duplicate documentation and that all entries are posted into your finance system.

Speedy setup of EMiR with imported data
The Financial Interface Module can also be used in the initial setup of EMiR to import customer data from a spreadsheet or finance system and maintain ongoing credit limits, products & product groups, new suppliers and associated assets. Some standard reports can be imported directly into EMiR without the need for further modification to ensure you can be up and running in quick time.

So while our Financial Interface maybe your initial choice to allow you to continue to manage your accounts in another package, there are significant advantages in moving to EMiR Full Finance and some of these are listed below.


The Benefits of EMiR Finance
By utilising the EMiR Finance Module in your organisation, you can expect to receive:

  • An integrated solution for Finance, so no need for external paperwork or processes, saving time and effort.
  • A credit limit system that operates on live data, giving instant information on both ledger debt as well as order value in progress.
  • A direct link from the Purchase Invoice to the originating Purchase Order, so that you have all of the information at hand in one system before approving  purchase invoices. Scanned copies or linked PDF files, means that EMiR can present the actual invoice to the user in both the Purchase Ledger and on the Purchase Order. EMiR can also dramatically shorten the Invoice approval process by comparing the PO and Invoice for you and giving you all the information you need at a glance to ensure you know where any discrepancies are.
  • Live payment information meaning you can get accurate debt chasing information and inform appropriate users of which customers need chasing or are about to go overdue – including information in the CRM Extension for sales staff to see.
  • Full nominal ledger accounts suite featuring P&L by branch as well as overall. Instant VAT returns and bank reconciliation information and detailed cash flow forecasting to help with cash planning.


*Note: The interface relies on the 3rd party accounting package having the option to import such details.


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