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  • Basic


    The EMiR Basic System allows the user to create jobs, record costs along with details of work carried out, allows the user to process the job through to producing delivery notes and invoices, and keeps track of debtors and creditors.

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  • Stock


    The Stock Module is used for the complete control of all stock items. Each stock part has its own stock 'profile'. The profile details the number of items in stock, the amount recommended for purchase, those actually on order, any shortages of the part required for jobs, and the number of that part that are already allocated to jobs.

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  • Purchasing


    The EMiR Purchasing module is the ideal way to track and perform all your purchasing activity, whether buying for stock or directly for an ongoing Job. Ensure you know the status of your purchased items and track what is open, overdue, delivered or has been returned to the Supplier via its goods rejection system.

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  • Quoting


    The Quoting module allows users to create quotes for Repair, Sales, and Service work. EMiR provides all the tracking and traceability you need to know.

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  • Finance


    The Finance Module adds the full Nominal Ledger accounts to the Sales and Purchase Ledger functionality that is available within the Basic system to ensure your financial information complies with all audit requirements.

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  • Asset Management

    Asset Management

    The EMiR Asset Management module allows you to store and enquire on all your clients' managed motors/pumps and other assets, and then allows you to provide comprehensive information to them on their assets and what has happened to them over a period.

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  • Financial Interface

    Financial Interface

    The Financial Interface allows users not using the EMiR Finance Module to export sales invoices and credit notes from EMiR for use in other accounting products, such as Sage, TAS, etc

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