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  • Dashboards


    Dashboards are the latest Extension in the EMiR product range. Using Microsoft's reporting tool Power BI, Dashboards collate information from the EMiR database to create a range of easy-to-use visual reports that can be distributed and viewed on the desktop or mobile device of selected users. 

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  • CRM


    The Customer Relationship Management extension, or CRM for short, is designed to give you a total picture of all activity related to improving your customer service and sales and marketing efforts.

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  • Labour Scheduling

    Labour Scheduling

    The Labour Scheduling extension is designed to extend EMiR’s functionality into planning the staffing and necessary resources to complete the jobs at hand.

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  • Time and Attendance

    Time and Attendance

    The EMiR T&A extension allows you to capture the entry and exit times of your staff along with the actual ‘live time’ recording onto jobs within your workshop.

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  • Smart Site

    Smart Site

    Smart Site is the ideal mobile application that is integrated with both EMiR Standard and Professional. It allows capture of all job related activity by your site engineers, wherever they are working.

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  • Web Job Tracker

    Web Job Tracker

    The EMiR “Web Job Tracker” extension is the ideal way to provide your customers with up-to-date information about how their jobs and orders are progressing..

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  • Winding Details Database

    Winding Details Database

    If you require a way of storing Motor Winding details to create a comprehensive database of Winding information, then this is the software for you!

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  • Web-CALS


    The Web-CALS extension is designed to allow your customers to enquire on their managed motor/pump details via use of the Internet and Internet Explorer or other browser.

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  • E-Commerce


    EMiR E-Commerce is a complete solution for trading online. It combines the stock system and order processing capabilities of EMiR with a fully transactional SellerDeck™ website to get you trading online and also provides your customers with the same discounts, accounts and other details they have in EMiR.

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  • Task Centre

    Task Centre

    The EMiR Task Centre is a Business Process Management (BPM) suite that works with EMiR data to build, operate and maintain any number of automated processes. Of its many accomplishments, Task Centre will create intelligent routing and authorisation work flows, enable direct web publishing, allow 3rd party integration between EMiR and other business systems and alert notifications.

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  • Workshop Routing

    Workshop Routing

    The Workshop Routing Extension is an application that automates your workshop processes from end-to-end. By collecting data electronically Workshop Routing replaces manual procedures and streamlines data capture and allows quick, but detailed reports of the work required, in a format ready for your customer’s perusal.

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